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VNSNY Hospice Care’s Arts Programming

Arts @ the Bedside
Arts @ the Bedside” is an initiative of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York Hospice Care, which offers art as an expressive medium to Hospice patients and their families. With the help of nearly 20+ trained volunteers, the project brings art practices into the homes of Hospice patients throughout the New York City area. Hospice volunteers are taught techniques by professional artists to help them incorporate these skills into weekly visits with patients nearing the end of their lives.

H.E.A.L. Day: Helping Each other After Loss
The death of a family member is a stressful and often disruptive event in the life of a family. 
H.E.A.L. Day: Helping Each other After Loss, is a one-day event filled with activities designed to help families with school-aged children manage their grief following a death. HEAL accommodates several families and offers the occasion for various forms of expression through the arts. The goals of HEAL are to assist families in actively coping as a cohesive unit and to provide opportunities for multiple forms of communication. Through a variety of interactive and creative activities, families are encouraged to: acknowledge their grief, learn positive ways to remember and honor their loved ones, nourish their strengths as a family, participate in fun and hands-on activities, learn new ways to cope, and reduce isolation.

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